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Colors in the Dawn and the Man following the Musical Notes…!   Leave a comment

The dawn was glittered with the colors in the clouds above the golden beach of Solana in the winter.The huts were getting the chill and warmth of the morning wind and the rising sun…! When the light spread, the man with his guitar started playing the tough notes¬† ¬†recollecting the rhythms lost in his black shirt, sitting in the corridors of the Solana Beach that were paneled with the morning lights and the wind..!


The Beach beyond the Panels


The Clouds and Colors in the Dawn (Solana Beach in Mauritius)



The Man Playing the Tough Notes in the Corridors of the Dawn


The Sand and the Shades of the Dawn


An Affair Behind The Windows   Leave a comment


The True Love Affair Behind The Glass Panels

What I saw behind the glass windows in a busy shop in the city was not merely an ‘affair’ but a pure sight of absolute lovemaking and affinity…!!IMG_2270IMG_2272IMG_2259IMG_2271