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The King disguised as a Slave or someone lost in Solitude;   2 comments

The legend said so :

The king who was forced to quit the kingdom had found his shelter in the distant forests along with his beloved queen.Both of them found it strange and hard to survive upon there as they had never been exposed to such an experience in their royal life so far.Anyhow, they had managed to spend their days in the wild by backing up each other with the affection and affinity igniting inside them towards each other everyday !! Even though, the king felt it quite terrible to see his most beloved and pretty one undergoing the harshness of the wilderness; so he made a plan to save her from those torments by giving up her alone in the forest and thus deserting her over there  so that she would be able to reach her relations in the neighboring courts at the easiest reaches.Thus, during a night he left his queen silently while she was strenuously sleeping on his lap….!!

Thereafter, the king started his lone journey into the denser forests ahead on which he had found a huge serpent amidst the wild fire, crying out for help..;with great effort, the king rescued the snake out of the fire and soon after got its bites on his body that had transformed him into a darkest man unrecognisable to anyone who had known him before…! While asking about this terrible deed of transformation and ingratitude,he was consoled by the serpent that he would be able to retrieve his original figure whenever necessary by putting himself on a piece of cloth given by the serpent and  suddenly the serpent left the place after giving the king a piece of cloth as told so as to retrieve his charms as before whenever necessary.


The King disguised as a man of labor (the character incarnation in dark shades in the classical dance drama of Kathakali deriving the intense spirits of the legendary character in ‘ Mahabharatha’ )

The king thus disguised as a slave resorted into another kingdom as a stableman and started his life in another class of labor…


The king elopes from his queen ( the character before transformation , in red and whites)


The Serpent incarnation

The incidents occurred all the way down to the stables ,especially the unprecedented departing from his queen had collapsed the spirits of the man within the king severely and most often he was found lost on the thoughts of the love who had been deserted in the wilderness !

On one late hours of the night in stable, while sleeping among his co-stablemen, he had awakened abruptly from the sleep by uttering the name of his beloved impatiently and passionately…;then the fellow stablemen who were in half sleeps were also aroused at this and had been heard the names many times over the sleep, they curiously asked him about the woman whose name he had murmured in the sleep.. Finally the disguised king disclosed the anecdote before his co-workers like this:

“There is no need to mention  the man;

It is something  told about  the sorrows of someone ,to somebody,

But a humble man once had a chance to depart from his most beloved one in life,

Among the wilderness of the forest and they had never met again…;

All that had happened and remembered were nothing but the painful experiences


The queen in distress

Recreated and retold by a helpless man in the solitude..”

[The soliloquy of the disguised king and the conversation took place thereafter have had their origin in a play in the Indian classical dance drama tradition of Kathakali and the story had its origin in the legends of  the Indian Epic, ‘Mahabharatha’]


An attendant of the queen finds out the man in disguise at the stable

The play went on..,by the end, the king got back his former figure and he rejoined his queen with more happiness than ever before;

The huge lamp of the traditional classic theater placed in front of the stage was inflamed by the midnight wind from the seasides on the west and the classical drums          reverberated the sighs of the king from stables of solitude,,,;

Beyond the stage and below the hilltop-temple,a huge mass of the age slept under the blanket of darkness, keeping themselves away from that solitude…..!