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Once Upon A Time, On A Mountain Region..   Leave a comment

The story is about a mountain region and the time was a summer …and it goes on like this:The mountain ranges that laid out in the outskirts of a village inhibited by a group of cattle-people. There broke out a summer at that time and it grew severe!The cattle and men suffered so strenuously due to the  lack of water that they decided to leave the place with the cattle.Thus, they started to move away from that region of mountains ,by the end of a dusk!!

By the midnight,all of them reached the top of  the mountains  and most of them got tired due to their long truck and sat here and there upon the top and fell on sleeping slowly…all on a sudden, a powerful wind blown out over the mountains ,clouds surrounded the mountains and the rain started pouring heavily all over the valleys…

The next day, villagers came down to the valleys and that night, it is told that many men had a dream of  strong ,black wind hugging the upper tops of the mountains!!


my ‘Wind Over The Mountains’ in oil on canvas which I did last years

The dream came to me last year beginning so that I attempted my Wind Over The Mountains  on canvas…. like this :


Black and White Film-Photos of SreelalViswanathan   Leave a comment

Black and White Film-Photos of SreelalViswanathan


Reminiscent of a fruitful experience in Black and White photography with pure black and white films by the last of 19thcentury

  • Early midsummers proved quite fruitful in terms of performances during the nights in temples. Later on I have tried to capture them in films using my Minolta7SII 40mm Compact Camera. My pioneering attempts were done in black and white films in pure manual photographic techniques. so the efforts led me to new findings with sound lessons in manual focusing and lighting effects in night photography under no external light accessories but a single flash unit attached to the hot shoe.
  • Besides being a matter of curiosity, nights provided a background for  fascinating images a more solid form of visual impact and imaginative value.While taking the shots of performers in grant and elaborate costumes and make ups in their vibrant moves of steps and gestures, it was somewhat possible to capture that spirit of dance in the fantastic element of night with the black and white films without much difficulty of instantaneous nature of live shooting.
  • still worthy to be used for enduring results in good quality images

    A latest profile of the old manual camera,Minolta7SII(hi-matic) , a fruitful photographic experience

  • Image

    The vibrant moves of the performers were captured in black and white films in my Minolta7SII 40mm camera during the early 2000s

    Night performances were possible to be caught up with the handy Minolta 7SII( Hi-matic) in the rigorous movement and lights on the stage.It was convenient to make it more or less stable under the luminous lights and darkness of the night as the backdrop for the swift dancing poses.In such a mode of moment Minolta provided a nice support for my first adventuring spirit of capturing the stage movers in the night light spotted thereon. I conclude it as a golden venture in my enterprise as a beginner in the end of 19th century; think all related to that experience ‘fruitful’ and the equipment of Minolta quite ‘useful’.