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‘Pridhwi’, A Dedication To The Global Motherhood   Leave a comment


‘PRIDHWI’, the Sanskrit term literally means,’The Earthly Land of The Nature’ (a palette-knife painting in oil I did last year)

The Sanskrit term ‘Pridhwi’ means ‘the mother earth’ or simply ‘the land we stand on…’. So while visualizing the theme on the earth and the overall charm in the form of feminine profoundness, I thought of a title of this kind.This work I did last year in oil on canvas board with palette-knife and found the visual evolutions occurred while realizing the minute forms inside each color forms and formations quite on the way of course …many motifs depicting the view of a sanctuary that would possibly be reachable from a distance ahead and that has been spread everywhere in the proximity of a bird’s eye view.. ; a proximity and reach ability  that children possess towards their mothers….the mother who protects, feeds, caresses , claims and generates love in many streams…So I hope this work of mine shall do something pleasing with the mother nature as such and the whole human motherhood as well ….!!


An Affair Behind The Windows   Leave a comment


The True Love Affair Behind The Glass Panels

What I saw behind the glass windows in a busy shop in the city was not merely an ‘affair’ but a pure sight of absolute lovemaking and affinity…!!IMG_2270IMG_2272IMG_2259IMG_2271

I have seen the trails of a kingfisher in the country woods….;   Leave a comment

Night had been over by the sound of droplets trickling down from the trees around the plantation in the countryside valley as there had been rains last night.Early in the morning ,I started making the morning tea when I heard the splashing sounds in the pool near the cottage and looked through the window glass to know that it were the flapping of wings of a kingfisher in the pool around .So, I finished with my tea and took my canon500D and looked out of the window to see the kingfisher on the branches nearby:

It was the white-throated one with cerulean blue wings and  long ,maroon beaks …I kept silent and a safe distance from the wall and the doors with my canon 400mm USM and begun shooting the behavior of the bird after the early dawn bathing ;the wings were slightly spread out and jerking the body in full swing,it began to rejuvenate; many times,it was a little bit difficult to get the focus  as the postures rapidly changed in fractions of moments!Thus, moments passed, the sun shone up more , the leaves and shadows varied in the breeze emerging from the lower part of the plane ;meanwhile the Fisher kept its position still on the same spot in the branch but its postures and movements varied from one to another instantaneously……the morning had awakened into bright lights and the rays got more hot; I don’t know how much the shutter button was released within that while and it is only when I had thought it was enough, I took my hands away from the button and moved back.Then I thought about the tea-table for making preparations for my light  breakfast. By this time ,my white-throated companion had left the branch……to another one away :

Body horizontal

Turn away

The wings up

Postures changed rapidly and the entire body was shivered to spell out the wet

Early morning kingfisher with the wings flapping