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My Kitchen Head in La Digue   Leave a comment

In La Digue Islands, my dining was fulfilled by this generous Lady who proved an expert in preparing all variety of the Island Menu as fast as an electric oven. The serving tables were kindled with her proper care in service and hospitality. The queries about the dishes and recipes added beauty to her service .Thus, the winter evenings of the coast were rejuvenated by the dishes served by this Kitchen Head of mine like a gentle breeze embracing the hot


My Kitchen Head In La Digue Islands,Seychelles

heart of the Island…!!


Morning Tranquility and the Deep Hues in the Clouds and the Sea…!   Leave a comment

The tranquility of the morning was highlighted by the deep blues in the sea and the silky yellows behind the clouds frilled with purple tints.  The boats spread out in stillness also enhanced the mood.The palm leaves breathed the wind out and the compact linings and layers on the morning waves in the last winter proclaimed peacefulness !


The Deep hues of ocean blue and the silky yellows of the sky


The Palm Leaves breathing the Wind out


The Tranquil sea and the clouds in the winter morning

Panels on the Wall,Bowls and Big Pots   Leave a comment

Here we can see the white panels with nice engravings laid out on the rock walls shaded with dark grey hues and the deep ocean blue bowl positioned amidst them..,the Big Pots in magnificent and contrasting hues placed in the interiors as curios with charm of the ocean and that of the shore of Mauritious. All belong to the Mauritian Solana Beach !


The Cylindrical Jar in Mud Red



The White Panels with Carving and the Ocean Blue Bowl


The Big Pot in Dark Metallic Hues

Colors in the Dawn and the Man following the Musical Notes…!   Leave a comment

The dawn was glittered with the colors in the clouds above the golden beach of Solana in the winter.The huts were getting the chill and warmth of the morning wind and the rising sun…! When the light spread, the man with his guitar started playing the tough notes   recollecting the rhythms lost in his black shirt, sitting in the corridors of the Solana Beach that were paneled with the morning lights and the wind..!


The Beach beyond the Panels


The Clouds and Colors in the Dawn (Solana Beach in Mauritius)



The Man Playing the Tough Notes in the Corridors of the Dawn


The Sand and the Shades of the Dawn

THE STREAM IN TWILIGHT…!   Leave a comment

The stream was in the sparkling lights of the evening.The coconut palms and the plants enhanced the evening spirit of the day passing away …!The shore of the Island was in the dozing charms of the night over..!


The Stream in Twilight ( from the Praslin Islands)

The Night Ready for the Dinner…,   Leave a comment

The night came with the red and blue table spreads upon white base so as to make the dinner delicious and remarkable…,the glasses glittered in the thin candle lights and the coast was filled with the dense night that sighed in a dream of sailing through an ocean of tastes and silence!!


JUICE JARS !!   Leave a comment

The juice jars presented for the breakfast -tables by La Digue Island and Solana in Mauritius are displayed in a manner quite delightful and delicious !!