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Srilanka, the shore on a middle May   Leave a comment


On a middle May dusk last years ,the shore of Srilanka with the natives


SriLanka,the sand,sea and palms in the midsummer of my last May

I went to Lanka (Srilanka) in the past years on a May;it was my first and fresh flight and hence my amusement was immense and priceless!
The shore welcomed me with warmth and the cool bright sun hugged me with a new affection! I saw the deep green land and began to feel it forever..!
I stood on the shore looking at the sea in the noon light in swift wind, the palm trees were swift in the midsummer wind of the golden noon…and I lost me in that wind and light and remembered my father who had told me a lot of stories on the ancient Lanka in childhood…and in the winds I heard the songs my father recited from the lines of legends!!
I went to the rooftop for another view and sat before a dining table ..and there came the squirrel in the chair ,very near to me ,and began talk with its eyes!!


A friendly meeting at the round table!