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‘Pridhwi’, A Dedication To The Global Motherhood   Leave a comment


‘PRIDHWI’, the Sanskrit term literally means,’The Earthly Land of The Nature’ (a palette-knife painting in oil I did last year)

The Sanskrit term ‘Pridhwi’ means ‘the mother earth’ or simply ‘the land we stand on…’. So while visualizing the theme on the earth and the overall charm in the form of feminine profoundness, I thought of a title of this kind.This work I did last year in oil on canvas board with palette-knife and found the visual evolutions occurred while realizing the minute forms inside each color forms and formations quite on the way of course …many motifs depicting the view of a sanctuary that would possibly be reachable from a distance ahead and that has been spread everywhere in the proximity of a bird’s eye view.. ; a proximity and reach ability  that children possess towards their mothers….the mother who protects, feeds, caresses , claims and generates love in many streams…So I hope this work of mine shall do something pleasing with the mother nature as such and the whole human motherhood as well ….!!


From the last of May it begins to have the rains of monsoon here in the southern part of India;and the  rains last for one or more than a month in succession , most often.In the North Eastern ranges of this State where palm trees are in abundance, the monsoon rains create concentrated moods of solitude and silence during the daytime….the white rains of the South-Western monsoon make stop-overs atop the high rocks and palms scattered around among the North-Eastern hills and this continue for hours or until the night falls in some days….the palms and a high rock  submerged in the white rains are the visuals I have been looking into in this water color ,’Raining over the Hills’, that I did in 2005:

Raining over the Hills ,my water color on paper ,done in2005,which I think a tribute to the Indian writer O.V. Vijayan who died in that year

The main inspiration behind this visualization was the death of the Indian writer O.V.Vijayan in 2005;who had written more about the monsoons and the hills in the North-Eastern part of Kerala in India.