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THE GIRLS WITH A CAT   Leave a comment

DSC_7890People prefer to display their tastes and tendencies among the public places in many ways. These young ladies, walking around the Mahe’ Island roads prefer to carry a small cat in their hands like a souvenir of their sojourn in the Island; one like those they carry along with them in their hands as seen in the picture.


A Noon Time Sailing…..,   Leave a comment



Sailing in noontime is a passive fancy under the bright sun,between the islands in Seychelles.The time passing by gives a touch of forgetfulness and blissful dozing to the travelers.The clouds and the sky stretching their wings ahead the glittering sea enchantsĀ  them as if in a risky daydream of miracle.



The Rain comes with the Evening Clouds   Leave a comment

When the evening lights were brightly sparkling in the west there came a bunch of clouds in the sky from the South West to pour down tremendously upon the shore and make wet it to the reach of the night ! There were very odd groups of people who had set out to rejuvenate themselves in the least crowded beach which was covered thickly by the dense clouds gettingĀ  ready again to pour down into the wet sand of the beach which was already got chilled by the early rains…!


After a rain ,watching the sunlight in the dusk


The Clouds forming the night effects in the evening beach with twilight


The Hills forming the clouds


The Sea under the rain clouds in the evening


My Kitchen Head in La Digue   Leave a comment

In La Digue Islands, my dining was fulfilled by this generous Lady who proved an expert in preparing all variety of the Island Menu as fast as an electric oven. The serving tables were kindled with her proper care in service and hospitality. The queries about the dishes and recipes added beauty to her service .Thus, the winter evenings of the coast were rejuvenated by the dishes served by this Kitchen Head of mine like a gentle breeze embracing the hot


My Kitchen Head In La Digue Islands,Seychelles

heart of the Island…!!