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The LION Incarnated   Leave a comment


The Lion Incarnation from the Indian Mythology

In the classical dance drama style of Kathakali of INDIA, the Lion Incarnation is depicted like this.The lion is incarnated to eliminate the vicious and establish virtue.( The face painting and the skillful facial outfits proclaims the vigor and vibrancy of the Lion in the glowing depth of darkness in the background !)


Expressing the Vigor of Lion on the Stage



Face of the Lion


Morning Tranquility and the Deep Hues in the Clouds and the Sea…!   Leave a comment

The tranquility of the morning was highlighted by the deep blues in the sea and the silky yellows behind the clouds frilled with purple tints.  The boats spread out in stillness also enhanced the mood.The palm leaves breathed the wind out and the compact linings and layers on the morning waves in the last winter proclaimed peacefulness !


The Deep hues of ocean blue and the silky yellows of the sky


The Palm Leaves breathing the Wind out


The Tranquil sea and the clouds in the winter morning